About Chandra & The Talent Fairy

Chandra is the founder of The Talent Fairy, a boutique recruiting agency that connects companies with editorial leaders to elevate their storytelling and content products. She works with large corporations, startups, and nonprofits across a variety of industries including media, tech, fashion, VC, home decor, and health. When she’s not seeking out new talent, Chandra works as a career coach, helping editors and other content creators find new jobs they love, or thrive in the ones they’ve got. She is a vocal advocate for editors and writers; she believes that their skills are infinitely valuable — inside and outside of traditional media. #editorsmakethebesthires

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What's happening in the editorial job market and editorial and content marketing industries. #editorsmakethebesthires


I am a connector of people and my favorite people are editors. Learn more about my editorial recruiting services at thetalentfairy.com. #editorsmakethebesthires